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Atlanta Janitorial Cleaning Services
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     Thank you for visiting our Humble website. If your looking for a SERIOUS Janitorial Cleaning Service...than JBS may be the answer for you. 
     We specialize in catering to clients looking for that cut above, and don't have the time nor the desire to nickel and dime their way to a inadequate cleaning contract.  Which ultimately result in constant complaints, high cleaning staff turn over, a few illegals and probably a few parolees too.  We focus on providing high-quality service; each and every contract is specifically catered and customized to meet our customers needs.  Your Janitorial Cleaning Proposal is crafted on a personal, budgetary and expectation basis.
     Most of our customers have found out the hard way and have experimented with a Big Regional Cleaning company or Franchise Cleaning Company...yeah its cheap they have all the bells and whistles, smooth salespeople and than POW once the contract's signed good luck.  I've always believed when you outsource to a vendor it means exactly that...that your hiring to solve a problem not create one...I don't know about you but I like a clean organized work place and I'm sure your employees do to.  We do what we say were gonna do....(we don't cut corners or sweep debris under the rug).    Study after study have shown a Clean, Organized, and Happy environment increases employee productivity, increases employee morale and increases employee awareness of company expectations. A sloppy unclean environment invites the same reaction from employees. 
Please take a moment and check out our website.  When your serious about having a clean facility with a family culture run organization and fed up with the cleaning service you've been receiving, email me personally, and we can set up a personal appointment.
Best Regards,
Steven Robinson
Chief Cleaning Officer
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