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atlanta janitorial cleaningJanitorial Cleaning Services
Office Cleaning Services:
Office Cleaning is the most common form of Cleaning in the Janitorial Cleaning services industry. Their are many levels of Janitorial Cleaning services that can be customized to meet your Janitorial Cleaning Service needs.  Office cleaning comes in many forms Small, Big , multi floors, general, basic office to Ivy Posh law offices.
Manufacturing Cleaning Services
Janitorial Services for Manufacturing Companies is very unique, we provide services for office cleaning, employee breakroom, restrooms and manufacturing floor services as well.  Depending on the size and hours of duration in a manufacturing facility it is not uncommon for our company to have several shifts at 1 site.  We strive to develop a schedule that keeps your facility clean all the time and not just for a few hours a day.
Restroom Cleaning Services
As we all know, restrooms are a big part of how our customers evaluate the cleanliness of our facilities.  We offer services ranging from general cleaning right on up to detailed machine scrubbing.
Break room Cleaning Services
A common meeting place of employees, and high traffic area within a facility solid cleaning of your Break room is critical to employee Happiness and Facility sanitation.  We offer deep cleaning of, microwaves, refrigerators, floors, walls, tables and chairs. 
Automotive Dealership Cleaning Services
With 8 years experience with a Top Atlanta Automotive group, our organization is poised to provide service to your Dealerships specific needs.
Movie Theater Cleaning Services
Cleaning Movie theaters takes a special team dedicated to late night cleaning.  We generally start cleaning at midnight and have your facility fresh and ready to go for your next day of business.  Some of our competitors wait unitl the morning and rush to get your facility cleaned by your opening time.
Medical Facility Cleaning Services
Specialized training is paramount when cleaning medical facilities, our medical cleaning staff undergo 12 hours of industry approved medical cleaning techniques.  The training consist of classroom instruction as well as onsite hands on applications.
Big Box Retail Cleaning Services
Shiny and Gleaming Floors at our retail accounts help our customers present their products in the best light possible.  We offer Floor care, and Restroom and Employee breakroom cleaning.
FloorCare Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Strip & Wax, Buffing, FloorScrubbing