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Green Cleaning Summary

Green Cleaning The Wave of the Future

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GREEN CLEANING...What's it really about?
As you probably already have experienced in the office, with recycling paper , plastic, aluminum ,compacting cardboard boxes, and energy efficient light bulbs etc.   Yes there is a term in the janitorial industry called Green Cleaning.  Essentially its using environmentally safe chemicals, using microfiber mops, and rags and not cross contaminating different cleaning areas.  So whats that really mean?  First and foremost when any new fade is introduced into the market place the materials cost more.  Secondly the products are suppose to be environmentally friendly, which in this day and age is extremely important.  If we want our grandchildren to be able to breath fresh air and drink our water, we need to start addressing concerns and warnings now.  Thirdly the process in which Green Cleaning is implemented does consist of additional labor initially.  But like anything after time the efficiency rate goes up. In support of Green cleaning, several organization have building designation levels for companies that particpate and complete certain criterias.  This post is not intended to be a Phd level dissertation, its merely a snap shot 123..